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Q. What kind of influence does color have on energy?
Blue and green directly affect liver energy and indirectly make the heart energy strong and the spleen energy weak.
Red and pink directly affect heart energy and indirectly make the spleen energy strong and the lung energy weak.
Yellow and orange directly affect spleen energy and indirectly make the lung energy strong and the kidney energy weak.
White and light gray directly affect the lung energy and indirectly make the kidney energy strong and the liver energy weak.
Black and dark grey directly affect the kidney energy and indirectly make the liver energy strong and the heart energy weak.
Moonlight white can harmonize the energy of the whole body; purple can bring luck, smooth the energy of the whole body, and transform inauspiciousness to auspiciousness; gold can improve and elevate the energy of the whole body and bring auspiciousness and harmony

Q. During practice, which kinds of trees should we select because of their correspondence to different internal organs?

There are various species of trees and you can select any kind, including the slightly poisonous ones. But do not select those with strong poisons. As long as the center of the tree is greenish white, its energy is good for the liver; reddish white, its energy is good for the heart; yellowish white, its energy is good for the spleen; darkish white, its energy is good for kidney; and pure white without other colors, its energy is good for the lung.

Q. Does the aura change in color and size?

Not only does it change, it also follows the changes in the individual and external environment such as healthy and unhealthy psychological and physiological activities and the size of the energy field the body is in. Changes in a cultivator’s aura are greater than changes in other people’s auras.
If you persist in cultivating and practicing Emei Qigong, after Level Two, “Change the Moving Program of Life,” you will naturally know the subtleties.

Q. Why does Qigong emphasize the dantian or dan tian?

“Dan” is the pre-birth essence; “tian” is the field, or location. Dantian is the supreme headquarters of pre-birth essence. The rounded dan energy is stored in the Dantian and rotates. When the energy level in the dantian is not sufficient, all the energies in the body are weakened. Therefore, cultivators pay a great deal of attention to the dantian.
The dantian’s functions, effects, and locations are somewhat similar to those of the chakras in Indian yoga, but are not quite the same. Emei Qigong’s classic literature includes elaborated discussions about the dantians that come from the experiences of practice and corroboration. Please refer to Emei Qigong Level Two, “Change the Moving Program of Life.”

Q. What is true nature?

The meaning of “true nature” is a bit similar to the meaning of “essence” in our modern language, but these things are not equivalent.
Although all things in the universe change through the process of birth and death, the true nature does not change. It was not born nor will it die. The true nature is not like “God” or “Wuji” that can create all things in the universe. Instead, it explains that all things in the universe cannot be separated from the true nature.
The concept of true nature is like the concept of sweetness. You realize the concept of sweetness by testing different kinds of sugar. Thus we say that the nature of sugar is sweetness. Even though the kinds and shapes of sugar are varied, the sweet nature is identical and common. If sugar is not sweet, then it is not sugar, so we say that if it is sugar, it must have a sweet nature.
The true nature of the human is kindness, trueness, and compassion.

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