zhongfengshiJoin Emei Qigong 13th Lineage Holder, Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, in a 7 days meditation retreat at Emei Mountain, China in September, 2015!

Daily practices include sitting meditations, standing (qigong) meditation, and exercise workout. Grandmaster will teach the sitting meditations from the Emei 12 Forms, (明字庄), the Four Meditative Absorptions, psychological and physical phenomenon that arises in the various meditative states, and Emei Qigong's unique antidote to address these obstacles in meditations.

This is a once-a-lifetime opportunity to learn this precious meditation practices directly from the Emei Lineage Holder, and Grandmaster specifically stated that he is only teaching this once, there will be no next time.

This Emei meditation retreat is open to all Emei Qigong students. The retreat will be conducted in both Chinese and English, at the temple 中峰寺 in the mid-mountain of Mt. Emei. All retreatants are required to stay in the temple during the retreat.

Retreat fee of USD2,100 includes all meals (vegetarian) and accommodation (single room). Each retreatant will have his/her own room. Rooms are simple and clean.

Please arrange for your own flights to Chengdu, China.

If you are interested, please contact Teacher Ivy.