These days, there are plenty of exercise or dieting methods in the market for slimming and weight-loss. Not only are they expensive, more often than not, they are ineffective and could even be detrimental to health.

Emei Qigong has a unique Daoist practice of Pi Gu-"Avoiding Grains" and "Absorbing Elixir" which helps practitioners regulate their weight-issues. This Pi Gu practice has been passed down from ancient times and was originally meant to help practitioners do long solitary meditation retreats in the mountains where food resources are scarce. Through specific breathing and meditation methods, one is able to consume less food and not feel hunger, while also absorbing the positive energy from Heaven and Earth. This practice combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong, and is tried and tested through a few hundred years of accumulated practice. Practitioner will enjoy the effect of feeling "light as a sparrow" and vitality, weight issues will be normalized and stabilized, and health is improved.

This class is suitable for the general public. It has miraculous and reliable healing effects on all kinds of chronic illness, strengthens one's physical and psychological health, greatly enhance practitioner's meditation state, bringing one's practice to the next level.

Pi Gu means not eating the five grains. There are Low-Level, Mid-Level and High-Level Pi Gu. Whether one is healthy or unhealthy, everyone should do at least a short period of Low or Mid-Level Pi Gu on a yearly basis.

Food Therapy is a supplementary component of Pi Gu. Food is unlike medicine, but is better than medicine because we eat three meals daily. Each of us has unique physical conditions, and it is important that we eat the types of food according to our physical conditions. Following any kind of dietary regime blindly often causes harm instead. Emei Qigong has a simple and easy to implement guidelines for the general public to ascertain one's physical conditions and thus eating the types of food accordingly. These guidelines are based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.